What is eLibrary Pro?

Elibrarypro.com is an ebook publishing platform that allows you to deliver and manage digital content with subscribers worldwide, on both Windows pc’s and Android mobile phones and tablets.

​You can upload all your titles and ebook content and allow your subscribers to access some or all of the ebooks, based on the preferences you dictate.


Cloud based platform


Protection for Windows based PC’s​


Protection for Android mobile phones and tablets

Why use eLibrary Pro?


Your subscribers can have access by paying a fee or being free users, and would download our PDF Reader to access all content. Such content can be accessed via any Android mobile phone or tablet or Windows pc.


​All content is encrypted and only accessible to authorised subscribers, whose access is controlled by you, allowing you to deactivate any user or ebook at any time. Subscribers cannot copy any content nor make printouts without permission.


This is an all encompassing elibrary solution that allows you to manage your subscribers and control access to all content.


“We use Elibrarypro.com for all our student textbooks that are distributed as ebooks. It is simple to manage and administer, works effectively and is an invaluable tool to safeguard our intellectual property. We couldn’t live without it!

(Yvette de Beer, Manager, Cyber School Group, www.cyberschoolgroup.com)